KJ Hamos, RYT- 200

Travel. Climbing. Food. Family. Breathe and release. Join KJ in the quest to find balance outdoors with people you love and the natural flavors of the world. KJ comes to yoga with a integrative personal and professional approach. Not one for being confined by labels and someone who likes to color outside the lines, KJ wants to use her past struggles with body image and self-acceptance to empower all who step onto their mat to be comfortable in their own skin. As a trauma- informed yoga teacher, KJ believes that mindful movement, breath, and a little bit of laughter  can make everyone feel better, no matter how good they feel already. KJ is a RYT 200 with advanced yoga training in self regulation and trauma, inclusion, anatomy, and yin. She holds a Masters in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University and is the  former Managing Director at Forum Theatre. KJ currently serves as the Director of Development for True U, a national organization whose mission is to engage youth through yoga, mindfulness, and self expression practices to promote self worth, resilience, and community leadership.When not on her mat, she can be found with her husband experimenting with food or snuggling her fur baby, Hunny Badger.

Connect:  @kjfisher205

Facilitates: 200 Hour Power Flow Teacher Training: anatomy, subtle body, yin, and meditation.


Haley Fulford, RYT- 200

Longtime athlete and adventurer, health enthusiast, and most recently a recovering employee from Capitol Hill, Haley has re-focused her attention to yoga, good food, and empowering others to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. An active lifestyle has always been a part of her health journey and through the years she’s recognized the importance that healthy eating, regular exercise, and a strong mind+body connection has on her overall well-being. After years of only feeling satisfied physically through strenuous rock climbing, competitive tennis, and long distance running, she was introduced to yoga. She fell in love with yoga when she discovered she could stretch and strengthen in one class, all while breaking a good sweat.

After completing her 200hr Power Flow Yoga Teacher Training at 405 YOGA, Haley spent the past years diving into teaching head first, completed her 50 hr Rocket training with Steve Pyka in the Spring of 2017.

Through this practice, she believes in empowering individuals to become stronger and more confident versions of themselves by cultivating a mind + body connection, engaging in powerful movement, and developing strength from the inside out. She brings her fun and vibrant personality into her classes, encouraging students to have a positive attitude on and off the mat. Laughter, sweat and a bumpin’ playlist are signatures of Haley’s classes.

Connect:  @haleybird__

Facilitates: 30 Hour Power Flow Teacher Training

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Merideth VanSant, MS, ERYT-200, YACEP

Merideth is the owner of 405 YOGA, and co-founder of national 501c3 True U which has brought yoga + mindfulness to underserved populations through the United Nations, National Girl Summits, and Girls Inc. Merideth’s work focuses on resiliency, growth, and positive psychology. Merideth consults with national government agencies and micro business models in the nation’s Capitol and  has been featured on iTunes' number one business podcast, served as a keynote speaker in national speaker series, and often speaks to the psychology of leading teams that thrive rather than just survive. Merideth holds a Masters of Science degree in human development from Oklahoma State University and a Bachelors of Science in human environmental science. Merideth is a trained power flow instructor and Rocket yoga instructor. 

Connect: 405yoga@gmail.com || @meridethvansant


  • 200 Hour Power Flow Teacher Training: history, philosophy, Power Flow asana and teaching school, and the business of yoga. 

  • 30 Hour Power Flow Teacher Training: Power Flow teaching school.

Elyse Yoga Headshot.jpg

Elyse Dibartolo, RYT-200

Elyse found her love for yoga after walking into a Rocket class post college in 2014. Movement was always a part of her life, having danced and been an athlete growing up. With both parents being Chiropractors, she values a healthy body and mind for happiness in life. Originally from the Jersey Shore Elyse spent her days going upside down at the beach. Her playfulness comes out in her classes where she encourages everyone to invert themselves once a day. Over years of consistent practice she believes yoga can strengthen your body and ease your mind. Her class gives you the opportunity to develop a solid Rocket yoga practice and challenge yourself. 

Elyse is a dedicated Rocket student and studies under Rocket and Ashtanga teachers every year. You can also find her in the early morning in the Mysore room practicing Ashtanga.  Her Rocket classes include Ashtanga inspired hands on assists and make you wanna dance playlists. She leads arm balance & inversion workshops in the DC area yearly and is a guest teacher during 405 YTT. Her motto for practice is "a backbend a day keeps the doctor away." 

Connect:  @elyse.greta

Facilitates: 200 Hour Power Flow Teacher Training: rocket, arm balances, and assists.

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Ahmed Jabali-Nash, ERYT-200

Ahmed can be seen frequently doing handstands and arm balances all over the city, most especially at lululemon Athletica in Georgetown and Tysons Corner, where he is a brand ambassador. 

Although his forte is inversions, Ahmed has a strong background in various kinds of yoga including but not limited to Ashtanga, Baptiste, Power Flow, and Rocket.  Ahmed completed his 200 hour teacher training through Corepower Yoga in April of 2014 and his Rocket yoga teacher training in October of 2014 through Little River Yoga with David C. Kyle.  He also teaches creative classes such as yoga with weights, inversion and arm balance workshops, and boot camp style classes. 

Ahmed has a very athletic background that includes Mixed Martial Arts, soccer, golf, running, and cycling.  He not only focuses on the physical aspect of yoga, but he also appreciates and practices the spiritual side. He meditates regularly and strives to keep a regular mindful personal practice. 

Ahmed enjoys teaching multi-level classes, with a focus on teaching strong foundational skills and challenges that even the most experienced practitioner can enjoy. 

Connect:  @yogiman_83
Facilitates: 200 Hour Power Flow Teacher Training: rocket, inversions, and assists.


Steve Pyka, Rocket Man.

Steve has been teaching for a long time. He always wanted to teach, and even got a bachelor’s degree in education. Teaching yoga has been much more rewarding than teaching math, mostly because people choose to be in class and nobody asks, “When are we going to use this?”

When you take a class with Steve, you will be reminded frequently of the importance of breathing. It's not a new-agey thing to talk about breathing; it’s actually the way vinyasa yoga is performed. With breath. The sooner you get that, the easier things will be. 

The Ashtanga-based Rocket sequences that Steve teaches are very repetitive, because repetition brings success. Steve could make a lot more money if he made you believe he was more spiritual than you, knew something more than you, or could outperform you physically, but instead of relying on these time-tested yoga teacher trade practices, he just keeps sharing what he has learned- you’ve got it all already. 

Yoga is about many things, and ultimately you’ll see that it’s about everything. It’s about who you’re being about the things that happen in your life. It’s the cultivation of a peace of mind that is untouchable. If you’re ready for ease in your life, now is the time for yoga. If all you care about is postures and getting fit, there’s always the circus. 

Steve is the owner of AstaYoga in San Francisco, the only yoga studio in San Francisco that still has a soul, and he also teaches teachers whenever and wherever he has the pleasure of being invited. Steve also loves the circus and can help you with your math. 

Connect:  @stevepyka
Facilitates: 50 Hour Rocket Training #allofit